Keep Your Devices Alive with TUCC’s Battery Bank Devices

It should come as no surprise that Temple students are increasingly using their electronic devices to take notes, record lectures, study, and write papers. These devices serve countless purposes throughout the day, which in turn take a toll on their battery life.


For much of the student population at Temple University Center City (TUCC) — many of whom are adults continuing their education — coming to an evening class after a long day at work can definitely lead to a drained battery or two.


Electrical outlets are scattered around classrooms, but may be inconveniently located for a charging cable or may already be taken by fellow students in need of a charge.


In response to student requests, Temple Center City has introduced a new Battery Bank station to help students and visitors keep their electronic devices alive! This station is home to portable charging devices available to all students, faculty and staff. Users simply need to swipe their current Temple ID at the lending kiosk, which is located in the Student Computer Lab on the 4th floor at TUCC.


While the charging devices do not include cables, they are equipped with two USB ports for smartphones and a standard 110 volt outlet to charge laptops, phones and other devices. Once a student grabs a Battery Bank, it is theirs to use for up to five hours anywhere within the building. Students will be able to bring a Battery Bank to class and bring their devices back to life as they finish a last minute presentation or research paper with ease.


“These Battery Bank devices are a much more convenient solution than power cords running across classrooms, awkward power strips and even laptop charging stations — which get the job done but do not allow students to use their devices as they charge,” said William Parshall, Director of Temple University Center City. ”With no added cost to Temple students for use within the standard five-hour time period, these Battery Banks are an excellent  solution for any group of flustered students racing to the last electrical outlet.”


This pilot program for the Battery Bank stations began in April 2019 and Battery Bank charging devices are now also in use at Charles Library on Main Campus. The service is free to Temple University faculty, students, and staff, although fees will be charged for failure to return a device within the required timeframe.


“If the pilot program is successful, the University will explore adding more Battery Bank stations at other campus locations,” said Parshall. “Almost all tech devices require power and most, if not all, students will come to class with at least one of these many accessories. There are just not enough outlets to go around. This is a convenient solution to a problem everyone has experienced at some point in their lives.”

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