Adult Learners

Returning to School

Returning to school may be easier than you think at Temple University Center City. Our campus has served working adult students since 1973 with undergraduate and graduate classes. Most classes are offered during the evening or on weekends. The Center City campus additionally offers a number of professional development programs and certification tracks including real estate, project management and more. The School of Social Administration and the Fox School of Business offer continuing education courses and professional certification courses at the Center City campus.

Getting Started

The first step in resuming your college career is to identify what program of study you wish to pursue. You can find this information in Temple University’s graduate and undergraduate bulletins. Some of the programs are offered at the Center City campus, others are offered online or at the Main Campus.

To see a list of academic programs offered at the Center City campus, please visit our graduate or undergraduate pages.

Information Sessions/Appointments

A number of programs offered at Temple University Center City hold information sessions about the requirements of the program and how to apply.  Check the Upcoming Events calendar on our home page to see a list of upcoming information sessions.

You can find a wealth of information about admission to Temple University as a transfer student or veteran by going to the Temple Undergraduate Admissions webpage. Many of the undergraduate students at the Center City campus are transfer students from other colleges in the region.

In most cases, graduate students will apply directly to the program that they wish to be admitted to when they enter Temple University. However, a number of programs have their students apply through the Graduate Admissions office.

Students returning to college may also take a limited number of courses as a non-matriculated student (a student who has not yet been accepted for admission to the University). In order to register, you must see an academic advisor from the Office of Continuing Studies. At the Center City campus, students should set up an appointment with our Academic and Student Services Coordinator or call 215-204-4358. We are always happy to provide you with information about the academic programs offered at the center city campus.

Undergraduate academic advising is available by appointment for Fox School of Business students and College of Liberal Arts students.

Paying for College

The Temple University Bursar’s Office and the Student Financial Services webpages offer a wealth of information about the cost of academic programs and payment plans.

Many graduate programs have their own scholarship, research or teaching assistantship programs. Inquiries should be made to the individual departments.

Center City Campus

TUCC is easy to find. Located at 1515 Market Street, the campus is directly across the street from Dilworth Park and City Hall.